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Sunday, September 2, 2007

St Augustine

Susan and I set out one afternoon (after a huuuge storm) to St. Augustine for a day of pictures. We walked around for about four hours and just filled up our memory cards! We ended up with a bunch of great photos, some did not end up here, but we have a great amount to show. I'm hoping to put a slide show together with our images, which we'll post once that is made. We had a great time and had a great response from those we photographed. An ancient city full of characters, colors, beauties and sounds.

I got caught being a part of a scavenger hunt!

This lil boy wouldn't smile for us at first, then as we stood there he started to ham it up for us!

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Scarlett Lillian said...

Oh cool you started a blog! That's awesome! Great shots around St. Auggy!


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