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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why I'm a Mac!!

I feel soooo bad for my mom!! She bought a gateway just at a month and had to take it in for repairs last weekend. We get it back yesterday and they had to replace her motherboard. The geeksquad told me all I had to do was a system restore. Well, after two nights of fighting with it, there is something wrong with the wireless switch. It's just not working. I brought it home with me to see if it would pick up my router (which it did when we brought the sucker home from the store) and nope, no juice. I"M sooooo mad and feel soooo bad for her. She hasn't had it very long and it's all messing up. Not only that, I'm sooo over windows (it's vista!!) asking me every move I make if I'm sure I want to do it. "Are you suuure you want to do that, are you sure you're sure you want to do that?? Are you absolutely positively sure you're sure you're SURE you want to do that??? goooood grief!!! Why do you need permission??? Just do it!!! OHHHH EERFH I hate not being able to figure something out like that!! I even have to use a pc at work and it royally sucks!! I can't use two programs at a time without it *pppffffttt* "dont wanna anymore" on me!! So she and I will have to take it back to the geeksquad again tomorrow and they BETTER figure something out!!! Don't worry ma!! We'll get it rocking!!!

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