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Friday, December 12, 2008

Pets and Planets

I ran out in the butt freezing cold and took some pictures of the full moon tonight. From what I've heard, it's the closest it's going to be this year? Or for the next few years? I should have Googled it before I post that part....what did we do before Google?! The Celsius equivalent of Fahrenheit today? Google it! What is the square root of 456? Google it! So, I loooove taking pics of the moon. I missed the night it was crescent and close to the two planets....My tripod decide to break...with camera still attached. No, it didn't fall THANK GOD cause I'd still be in the hospital after having a nervous breakdown....off subject...so one of these days I will get an attachment to our telescope and take some KILLER pics of the moon!!

Ok...here's the moon! (Finally chris shut up!!)

One through the trees

So my husband has taken up Falconry. Yeah, I was a tad shocked at first..but anyone that knows LeRoy, shouldn't be surprised. He loves animals. We've had a baby cayman before..I named him Igore. Totally Leroy's idea!! He died of bad gold fish. I think I was more upset. This was pre-kid of course!! We've had tons of dogs & cats...we have two bearded dragons...Killer Crock (my son's) and Stella (mine). She's scrawny. They do nothing but lay around and stare at you...and poop.
Goldie our Corgie...

Frodo the big black fat cat that everyone loves...

But..I have to say Buckbeak, our hawk, is awesome! He's beautiful!! He's a Red Tail Hawk. These are when he was first training him.



Here he is up close. So beautiful!

one thing I never knew is they squeak. you hear them screech when they're flying high but squeek?? that was very unexpected...

The fluffed feathers means he's a happy bird. He's comfortable with us. He lets me pet his feathers and his back with no prob. Just looks at me, squeeks...O and his eyes remind me of a camera lens, they focus in and out soo fast it's amazing!!

A lot of people ask "What happens if he flies off?" Well, he flies off. L will go back to where he flew off at and see if he'll return, which a lot of the time they will. It's fascinating to watch him fly! So graceful! I have more pics but..they're on my laptop and I'm too lazy to go get it right now.
More to come at another time :)



Mary Marantz said...

LOVE that first shot of the moon!! And wow, that bird is incredible!!!! beautiful shots!

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

Thanks Mary!!! He's a sweet bird. I hope the post wasn't too much of a ramble..I'm working on that ;-)

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

Buckbeak!! Your eyes they are mesmerizing...:) Beutiful shots sista!! Love you!!


Star Bradshaw said...

Love the falcon shots! I had no idea L was such an animal lover, he's got my respect...I'm a bird watcher myself...Frodo is such a cool cat too.

darice michelle said...

Your bird photos of your bird are absolutely breath taking. I love hawks! They are so amazing!!! Your photos girl are amazing too!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

holy crap you have a hawk?!! how friggin cool is that, and that shot of the moon is awesome!!!

katealtmix said...

oh wow, that bird is slightly terrifying but mostly gorgeous! ;) great pics!


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