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Monday, December 31, 2007

So done with 2007!!

AHHH! What a way to end 07!! Sunday we had to take our son to the doc, he has an ear infection and congestion! He's loaded up on meds. Poor lil guy! Then my hard drive in my Mac died!! Nothing like walking into your office and your computer is clicking rather loudly! I was able to get in long enough to back up everything but maybe one folder and my itunes!!! Had to run to Comp USA to buy a new hard drive! What fun. The easiest part was putting it into the computer. The hard part now is loading aaaalllllll my stuff back in. It's a larger size hard drive and sooo much faster :) Then, this morning, I locked my keys in my Jeep at a gas station just around the corner from my work. Had to call the hubbs to come unlock me. Thank goodness we live 15 min away. DONE WITH 2007!!

I hope 2008 is alot better!! And not as fast!

Happy New Year everyone!


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