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Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Sex Please

So Susan, my mom and I went to see Sex And The City and I have to say..FABULOUS!!! We LOOOVED it!! We forgot our cameras too!! I had tickets for the early evening show, which was great and our theatre wasn't too packed. A few guys here and there (course I'm sure they had NOOO idea what SATC is REALLY about *wink*) but overall it was great! You could tell we women were having SATC withdraws!! We of course clapped & screamed at the opening tune, laughed hard on many many parts, teared up on more, and just really enjoyed the 'other' parts! What a great way to start the summer ;) So, now I sit here working on a logo, with my moms big tv (which I'm babysitting), watching more SATC season five....again, and again and again. I may have to go see the movie a couple more times before it leaves the theatre...anyone with me?
side note: I made the above image for work, there is a screening party and such here (today) and one was in Orlando. I only have this copy. If you are going to the screening here and the aromas party after, enjoy and have a Cosmo for me ;) ...maybe two
Don't you just looove the Manolo?


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Oooh--you blogged about Sex and the City too! We're gonna have soo much fun meeting on August 10th :) Yay to SATC and fashion fans!!

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

We're soo going to have a blast!!


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