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Friday, April 17, 2009

Never ending pile of film

While looking at the MANY rolls of undeveloped color and b&w film...I pulled some negatives from my "archives" that I developed in my darkroom. I don't have many pulled up for you right now, but three I thought were cool. I do have more of the pow-wow from a couple years ago to post so I'm excited about that. Part 2 :)

I hope these come out well. I'm not sure how to scan them larger than they are pulling in. Any suggestions? 
This one is some band that came on before Susans band..O yeah...she's in a band *grin* but that's another post :) heeheheheeee
I think this band is Barely Pink...
This is Ballys in Las Vegas. Susan and I went on a "learning conference" with our job when we worked in travel. I have more of this too but not sure what rolls they're on. 
And I'm not sure where this was taken. I'll have to mess with the rest of the roll to see, but I'm not even sure if I took it here in FL. Could have been OK. 
I love the color. None of these were photoshoped. I love it!!!
I'm inspired now to pull out my AE-1 and take pics on film..but what are my chances of developing it??? 

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Christy Whitehead Photography said...

What kind of job do you have where you travel?

I use to have an old AT-1. My first real camera. I did the whole darkroom thing too!


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