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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ali Gator

When we decided to build a house one of the things we were looking for when finding a lot is Water.... We wanted to have a backyard with a water view and a wooded area so that we could be close to nature. When we found our spot it was just perfect! We have a large pond directly behind our house and beyond that is a natural area that is actually a wetland buffer so it can never be torn down and built on. We are very fortunate to enjoy the many different species in nature that inhabit the natural preserve just beyond our backyard. Today was no exception as I looked out the back door and saw our friend Ali the Alligator.... We lovingly named him/her a few months ago. Ali likes to visit the culvert that juts out into the pond and supplies the overflow when it rains through the drainage grids of the streets in the neighborhood. When it rains Ali swims up and sits there waiting for the rushing water to push fish and frogs practically right into her mouth! Today she was chillin in the grasses just at the edge of the pond so I ran out to snap a few shots. This is the closest I have ever been able to get to her and she is just beautiful!!! She let me come pretty close without moving so I wanted to share a few pics with you... Of course we now have to take extra precautions around the pond, but we know she is there and as long as the boundaries are respected, we can all get along happily... Hope you enjoy this beautiful creature in her natural environment! We sure do!

Meet Ali the Alligator:

This is the first shot I took a little further away..

A little closer..

and a little closer...

and this is about as close as I wanted to get and probably as close as I could without spooking her...Of course I was using a zoom so I am not as close as I appear :)


Have a great weekend!!!


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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Awesome!! :) Great shots of Ali :)


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